Barbara Palvin supports vaccine development - An exclusive report on the Falcon of Hope

Picasso created Dove of Peacethat became a symbol of peace and hope during the Cold War. Nowadays the world faces different challenges, and this year showed us that even today’s people can be defeated by a bigger power - sometimes in the face of a tiny virus causing a global pandemic. These days we might need a “new kind of dove of peace”, the Falcon of Hope, which was brought to life by Meli Biró visual artist, former CEO of an international pharmaceutical company. Many people have joined the movement already, including Barbara Palvin. We asked Meli and Barbara about their achievements so far and their future plans.

It is clear that the best way to stop the pandemic would be the development of a vaccine. However, vaccine development is a long, complex and expensive process. As numbers show the process can cost $500 million or more assuming no risk of failure - says Meli Biró, who gained more than 10 years of experience in the field of vaccine research and development as the CEO of a Swiss pharmaceutical company. Meli has changed her career long before the pandemic, leaving the corporate world behind she dove into art; her fusion-art creations have been exhibited around the world. The Hungarian artist combines her two passions, art and vaccine research - the 35 artworks of her latest collection are available for download in full resolution for a fraction of their original price, and the artist contributes her royalties from the sales to the development of a COVID-19 vaccine. 

Barbara Palvin is the first celebrity to support the cause, and she plans to contribute to the movement by offering something which could be purchased from the website. To promote the movement she shared a post on her Instagram page; on the photo a jigsaw puzzle is seen, which she created using an artwork from the collection. Why this artwork? Well, I liked it, its challenging, but most importantly it supports the development of a COVID-19 vaccine! - writes Barbara in her caption.


Until there is no vaccine against the COVID-19 virus on the market that is safe to use and effective enough, we will try to make it happen - said Meli Biró about the movement. She emphasised the importance of unity, because it is not true that people cannot have a say in the matter of vaccine development. “I want people to know that they can have an influence on the current situation. There are vaccine researchers who deserve to be supported” - Meli stated. The artist aims to make the people understand the seriousness of the situation, and in order to do so she plans to provide useful information on the research of the COVID-19 virus and the process of vaccine development on her website - all based on facts verified by professionals.

“This movement has many positive aspects, and it could create a new trend. I dont know much about vaccine research and I think there are many others who feel the same way, at least thats what I see around me - this is one of the reasons I decided to join the movement” - explained Barbara, referring to the movement’s effort to become a reliable source for people.

“I have many ideas regarding the movement.

First I’d like to offer something, that could be downloaded from the website.

Also I’d like to convince others to contribute too, so there would be more products to choose from. The past few months weren’t easy for any of us, and we can’t be sure what’s coming next, but this movement with its products could bring us a bit of hope and joy. I think I would call the Falcon of Hope really successful (apart from being able to produce a vaccine) if many people found it useful - what we do and what we offer - and as a result we could get informed in the future about vaccines the same way as well. If a lot of people joined the movement, then we would create a new website dedicated only to the Falcon of Hope” - said the model.

The Falcon of Hope is available for everyone, and the collection is growing continuously from now on. Anyone who wishes to join can find all the necessary information on Meli Biró’s website, and surely there’s more to come on the official Instagram page of the movement’s ambassador, Barbara Palvin.

Palvin Barbi beszállna a vakcinafejlesztésbe – Exkluzív riportunk a Reménysólyomról
Picasso a békegalamb megfestésével kreálta meg a huszadik század háborús időszakának egyik legjelentősebb szimbólumát. Napjainkban egészen más kihívásokkal néz szembe a világ, ám az idei év megmutatta, hogy a modern embert is könnyedén legyűrheti valamilyen nála nagyobb erő – ami olykor éppen egy hihetetlenül apró, mégis világjárványt okozó vírus képében jelenik meg. Ilyen időkben szükségünk lehet egy „új békegalambra”, a Reménysólyomra, amit Biró Meli, egykori gyógyszergyártási ügyvezető, művész keltett életre. Kezdeményezéséhez többen csatlakoztak már, köztük Palvin Barbara. Melivel és Barbival az eddigi eredményekről és a jövőbeni tervekről beszélgettünk. Riportunk.